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International Plastic Card Corporation P/L specializes in the production of Smart Cards, Drivers Licenses, Colour Plastic Cards, I.D Cards, Telephone Cards, Security Printing, Colour Printing, Matica Plastic Card Printers, Peripherals, Consumables and Card Solutions, utilizing the latest cutting edge manufacturing technology.

International Plastic Card Corporation P/L presently design, manufacture and supply (around the world) Secure Plastic Identification Cards (SPICards) to various organisations including Schools, Government Bodies, Professional Businesses, Financial Services, Medical and the Security Industry.

International Plastic Card Corporation P/L along with our consortium Partners have developed a number of world class Driving Licence and Security ID Card solutions. We have had Drivers Licence “turn – key” solutions successfully implemented for over 17 years, in a number of countries.

The Drivers Licence solution combines and number of Printing processes and Technologies, giving the Government or Motor Vehicle Department the ability to issue Driving Licenses on the spot. This will remove the need to issue a temporary Licence, saving substantial money on Postage.

The Drivers Licence solution includes a myriad of Security features, only available to Accredited Security Printers.

International Plastic Card Corporation P/L will tailor a solution to the individual requirements of the Motor Vehicle Department or Country. A Drivers Licence may include Holographs, Photographs, Laser Etched Watermarks, Signatures, all produced on premise.

International Plastic Card Corporation P/L supply all Plastic Card ID Printers, Consumables, ID Software. Pre Printed Drivers Licence base cards and any Training required.

The Matica Plastic Card ID equipment is robust and built to Commercial ISO Standards. This solution will both remove existing Counterfeit issues and save the Tax Payer $ Millions per annum in fraud.