Applications For Plastic Card Solutions

Here are just a few printing ‘Applications for Plastic Card Solutions’

  • Identification Cards

  • Proof of Age Cards

  • Drivers Licenses

  • Business Loyalty Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Education ID Cards

  • Security Access Cards

  • Smart Cards

  • Foreign Workers ID Cards

  • Club Membership Cards

  • Frequent Travellers Cards

  • Health & Medical Cards

  • Insurance Cards

  • Firearms Licence Cards

Applications For Plastic Card Solutions
Applications For Plastic Card Solutions

Endless range of services plastic cards can do for you

There’s an endless range of services that can be applied in the manufacture and end use of Plastic Cards.

Using ‘Smart Card’ technology, the ability to combine functions such as data storage, counting, security mechanisms and re-loadable ‘electronic purses’ are but only a few options available.

Plastic Card Solutions
Printing Applications
Applications For Plastic Card Solutions

What IPCC Solutions can do for you

International Plastic Card Corporation P/L will tailor a total Plastic Card solution from Artwork; Design, Plastic Card Manufacture, Encoding, Carrier Sheets to delivery.

Please talk to us about Digital, Security; Offset Printing, Mouse Mats, Magnets, Magazines and Apps to compliment the above mentioned. We have three (3) Qualified Graphic Designers to cater for your every need.